Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rambutan and Pineapple Sauages

So, those of you who do not know this fruit, here it is half opened!

Ahh this is how it looks like, it is quite sweet I love this fruit I think it belongs to the Lychee family.

There is a seed inside. DO NOT EAT THE SEED

Oh I forgot to mention I bought pineapple sausages at the farmers market as well. I had it with egg beaters, and Toast with Pumpkin pecan butter

Closer look of this delicious sausage its my first time trying it and I love it!

I had more for dinner along with some left overs from the previous night. I got a chili Verde burrito the picture came out so ugly I am not posting it. It was just ok I toss out the left over tortilla.


Suzie said...

I've only tried rambutan once, it was last November while my hubby and I were in Kauai. I remember it being very delicious... I wish I could get some in California.

Bryan V. said...

Bryan : I love rambutan! Lots of this kind can be found in Philippines.

Pam said...

I've never tried rambutan - it looks really interesting.

Girl Japan: April Marie said...

Oh gosh does it look divine!! How have you been? It looks similar to lychee?

Melita said...

i love exploring new foods. i love lychees :) yum!!

Ingrid said...

That sausage looks and sounds realy good.

The outside of the fruit looks a little scary but the inside..not so much.