Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adobo Chicken

One of my best friends in Hawaii Jennifer sent me this recipe. I have not made it yet but she has millions of times and therefore I bugged her to death to send me the recipe to share it with all of you! I have tasted it and love this Filipino dish. Actually my favorite Filipino dish! You don't have to just use chicken wings you can mix with other chicken parts.
Non Stick 2-3 quarts Pan15 Pieces of Chicken Wings1 table spoon Olive Oil or Any oil
3/8 cup Shoyu,
1/4 cup Vinegar,
Garlic 4-5 Cloves Garlic diced,
1/4 Onion cut into squares
Dash of Ground Pepper to your liking

1. Fill Pan with water 3/4 full. Boil Chicken Wings for 30 mins if Frozen. 10 min high heat, then reduce to medium heat (If not frozen, 15-20 min until tender)
2. Save 3/4 cup of Chicken Broth in the Pan with boiled chicken. Dump the rest
3. Next add 3/8 cup Shoyu, add 1/4 cup vinegar, 1 table spoon oil, dash ground pepper (Boil for another 6-8 min)
4. add diced garlic, then the onions. Simmer for 2 more minutes.
You're done!Best to eat the soup with RICE!!! Enjoy


Michelle said...

Yummm!! I love recipe postings, don't you?

alicesg said...

Looked very yummy. Interesting to try out different culture food.