Saturday, December 27, 2008

Amber Romance

I have not bought any Victoria Secret lotion or shower gel in almost 2 years! The reason behind was because the last time I was at the store I picked up a few scents and while still looking at other stuff the smells gave me a headache! I ended up not buying any of the scent that day and for 2 years!

Well today I walked in again to get other stuff and I came across this particular Body Butter called Amber Romance. The reason it caught my attention is because I like the name. I smelled it and it is usually stronger than the usual scents that I like this has more of a sandlewood scent to it but for some reason I like it so I got the shower gel as well. Upon using it, I notice it only only strong when I am applying it and it gets lighter and slighter sweeter I must say I do like that alot!!

So if you are into the sandlewood, black cherry scent this is the thing to get! I am usually a jasmin fan lol.


Michelle said...

Oh I LOVE this scent!! I agree, some of the Victoria's Secret scents do give me a headache too. :) This one smells really nice though! I have two friends who wear this as well.

Anonymous said...

There is a answer to why you notice the scent changing after application of the product.
It is because the scent mixes with your natural body chemistry to change the fragrance slightly.