Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Siracha Hot Chili Sauce

Ok this is my second favorite chili sauce I will save my all time favoite for another day! What I love about this sauce is that I can use it on anything!!!!!
Last night I made left over ground beef with some vegis and cooked it with this yummy chili sauce and had it with rice!
I would have taken a picture of the meal but honestly I was so hungry I forgot about it so sorry!


alicesg said...

Sounds very yummy.

Michelle said...

I love thai food...and oooh..that is my FAVORITE chili sauce of all time!! said...

I am getting sweet chili cravings right now! My tongue cannot take hot chilli after which I am numb to everything! But my absolute fav is sweet chilli!

Anonymous said...

Sonia.. I wanna see your meal next time pls dont forget to take picture before it gone ok???
from Jeab