Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wishes Can Come True

Annabelle's Wish oh my what can I say it is one of my favorite holiday cartoon. Everytime I watch this I get all teary eyed when Santa finally made Annabell's wish come true! It is such a beautiful story about a selfless cow. I am not going to give away the story especially if you have not seen it! I strongly recommend it! Lets put it this way I saw it on TV many years ago I love it so much I got it on VHS then DVD! OH dear did I give away my age by mentioning VHS ehehehe!


Michelle said...

Uh oh...I love a good cry especially when animals are involved...even if it is a cartoon! I'm going to have to find this!

Anonymous said...

I wanna watch it too! have to find it in Thailand LOL

Deb said...

this is one of bean's favorite holiday movies. . . time to find it in the ole vhs pile! :-)