Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally Something Healthy and Full of Fiber

As you all know my love for food is not exactly the healthiest! Well I have finally switched to Flax bread. Honest to goodness its really yummy! This has 20% fiber per slice.

Yesterday I bought Fiber One well I am sure you all don't know this but you won't be surprised my favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes I know I know not good. I tried the Fiber One this morning its not too bad I was expecting it to taste horrible but pleasantly its not and it has 57% fiber!!


Michelle said...

I know it's good for your but that Fiber One looks nasty. They look like rabbit pellets! Lol! I do actually like Flax bread!

grace said...

i really like the fiber one with oat clusters--it's not bad at all, especially added to yogurt. thanks for the bread tip!