Friday, January 23, 2009

My Own Dinner Creation

A few days ago I bought a branch of chinese cabbage and decided to finally eat it today. So I came up with my own dish
-1 branch of chinese cabbage only the green part
- Olive Oil
-1 green chilli pepper ( seeds taken out)
-1 Roma tomato
-1 tsp of cursh garlic
- Dash of maggie seasoning
- Angel hair pasta
I just made my own estimation and this is how it went.
- put olive oil in big pan I estimated where its enough to cook the ingredients and for the pasta so soak it up.
- put in garlic for fry it a little till slightly golden in color
- Add in the chinese cabbage cook till its almost done
- add in the green chilli pepper and the tomato
- lastly stir in the angel hair!
Put it on a plate take a picture of eat and its dinner time!
What do you think?


dilutedmagnetics said...

Wow! What a dinner!

Happy CNY!!!

Anonymous said...

You did a pretty fabulous job... am a Major lover of baby bok choy!!!! Looks fab... DELISH!