Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Typical Beauty Treatment!

Ahh on those days when I feel ugly, I give my self a full beauty treatment.

1 - Fructis for hair I love the hair Mask
2 - e.Booth Body Scrub and Body Cream I use the Butter Cream flavor or my new Victoria Secret Amber Romance hehe.
3 - My ultimate favorite from Origins the Modern Friction Scrub. I am on to my 3rd buy by now!
4 - I bought this new facial mask from Body Shop it is called Seaweed Clay. I love it make my face feel so clean!
5 - See the clear bottle at the back picture its a toner I got a Shop n' Kart suppose to be good for my skin honestly I don't feel much difference!
6 - Olay cream for my face of course this one is not bad its not heavy.
7- Nail Polish besides Chanel I love OPI!
8 - Sandal Scandal by Benfit for my feet its such a nice smelling lotion!

Now those of you who do not know yet Michelle at chocolateandmarmaladetea is doing a giveaway. Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know I talk about her blog alot and if you have not visited her yet, you really should she has one of the nicest blogs!


Kastina said...

I was thinking of doing a little section like this in my blog too. I love the Garnier Fucitis stuff!

The Blonde Duck said...

Love the new look!

Shannon said...

Pampering is always a good thing!
On days I feel crappy I like to use Bath & body's Sea Island Cotton Body Lotion to make me feel all clean and fresh.

Michelle said...

I use Fructis products too...great for my frizzy hair! But seriously, you should check out how safe your products are because your skin absorbs chemicals that you use on it. You can get info at