Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Lip Gloss Find

A couple of weeks ago I went to Walmart to get something with some time to pass, I decided to go to the cosmetic section and ooooh I found a lip gloss color I like it is called bubblicious. Then to my surprise its by Mary-Kate and Ashley ahahahah I didn't even know they had their own cosmetic brand did you? I actually debated if I should get it or not as I was too embarassed to buy that brand so cheesy don't you think? I decided to go for it as the color was just too pretty!

When I went back home, I tried it on and totally fell in love with the color and the texture it made my lips nice and soft!! So I went back and bought more of other colors! It only cost $4 and let me tell you its a great product for me at least it was!

Just a quick info it is more on the wet look side. I colors I got were very natural. The picture I have is a color I did not buy but its seem to be the only one I can find online to post. That color is called Brave.


Shannon said...

OMG where r u? i have no one else to share with my latest which is really nothing, but with nothing is a little something, blah! will have to ttyl

Michelle said...

Oh I will have to find this! The color looks so soft!