Friday, January 9, 2009

Pangea Dinner Again!

Yes I went and did a Pangea takeout this time and took Blond Duck's advice and got Panini . I chose the Drunken BBQ and I have to tell you this. IT WAS DELICIOUS AND FILLING!
I think it cost around $7.95 I know it looks quite small but let put it this way I ate at 4pm and didn't eat anything else that night! This panini has bbq sauce of course, chicken, red peppers, onions and cheese! Super duper yummy! So Blond Duck thanks for the advice!


Michelle said...

Oh man, that cheese is CALLING to me!! That Qwest guy better come tomorrow!!! I'm doing this from work. Hehe!

dilutedmagnetics said...

Gee... I'm hungry!

Anonymous said...

wow that looks so darn good right now. i'm at school right now and the cafeteria food sucks so i have no food!!