Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wallaby Organic Yogurt

I got this the other day. Its not as "rich" as most yogurts that I have had it has a very light texture to it. I quite like it I think I will get it again. Any of you tried any other flavors that you think I would like? Oh I will post on another yogurt brand soon!
I actually have more Hawaii pictures but my camera battery died and I can't find my charger ugh!


Deb said...

I've been googling detox soup - LOL! most involve cabbage. . .i think i'm gonna try it before the HI trip in June:)

Have you tried Greek Yogurt? I LOVE it with a little honey. . . rich and thick and satisfying, no fake-sugar taste. I like the 2%.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE wallaby yogurt! I've had the strawberry guava, maple and pear flavors. They're all great! It is a lot "looser" and runnier than most yogurts, but I like to have it once in a while to change things up. Plus - I always see a new flavor that I just have to try!