Monday, March 23, 2009

Lunch and Dinner

Top pic is what I had for dinner
- White Rice
- Red peppers, Tofu, left over stirfry and Baby Buk Choy with spicy stirfry sauce
- Fish Sticks (3 sticks 180 calories)
Ok before you all say eeeeks fish sticks in my defence this is really good quality ones from Costco and its more fish than breaded. It the only fish I would eat oh and tuna sandwich.
Bottom pic
Oh Yum I had a Falafel Sandwich the falafel are underneath the greens this is soooooooo delicious! One wierd thing this place I got it from puts hot sauce on the sandwich and you know what it made it all the more better!


Michelle said...

Man I really need to get to Costco. I actually LOVE a lot of their food. I believe you...I will have to try some of these fish sticks. That tofu mix looks so good!!

Anonymous said...

your eats are so delicious
i've never had falafel before, but it sounds great!

Shannon said...

you and your hot sauce, enjoy!

Unknown said...

Hot sauce makes everything better. Thanks for entering my giveaway - I hope it's ok for me to ask, but would you mind posting about it on your blog?