Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Macbeth Play and Macbeth Sandwich

Macbeth's Wife

Macbeth and the 3 Witches

Macbeth Sandwich from Allysons
Today I went to see my first Shakespear play as you can see it is Macbeth and it was really good.
There were some poster pictures outside so I took it to show you its not very good pic as the sunlight was in the wayyyy!
Before seeing the play, I went to Allyson's to get a Sandwich what better than getting a Macbeth Sandwich I normally get the King Lear. I only got half a sandwich as you can see its quite alot!
This is what is in the Sandwich
Roast Beef
Brie Cheese
Russian Dressing
Some Greens
Whole Grain Bread


Michelle said...

Gawd, I am so hungry just looking at that. You have some great food where you're at!!

Anonymous said...

WHOA! That sandwich looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Okay.. I will make a deal with you.. ship me some bread and I'll ship you something fabulous.. It looks SO GOOD