Friday, March 27, 2009

Yum Yum

Ahh here is what I had today!
- Kombucha I am getting quite addicted to this drink each time I go to the store I buy at least 2 or 3 bottles!
- Breakfast I decided to have some Kashi Honey Sunrise mixed with Puffin Puffs Peanut and added some little chocolate bits to it with milk along with some oranges.
- Lunch ( No picture too shameful to mention it)
- Snacked on some Cliff Bar after working out I love this flavor problem is I got hungry for more lol!
- Dinner I finished up some of the left over Tom Kah Soup from Thai Kitchen I love that brand!
Well this time I decided to mix my hoisin sauce on the tofu before lightly frying it well honestly it tasted the same but not as crunchy I guess didn't put enough corn starch on it this time but it was still super yum. Had that along side with some stir fry and low carb tortilla oh and my left over barley salad.
- Kiwi one of my favorite fruits isn't it pretty!
Another shameful note not pictured as well had quite a few handfuls of kettle chips today eeeeeks.


Sharon said...

Tofu! Awh, sorry it wasn't as crunchy, I need crunchy too! LOL

And mmm yes to the kiwi girlie!! Love your eats!

Speaking of kettle chips, I need some. LOL!!

Eat, Live, Love, Dream said...

Sorry about the tofu:/ It sure looks good though. I spy a z-bar in there! I LOVE them:)

Anonymous said...

yay, barley! don't you just love those plump little babies!

Nutritious is Delicious said...

What awesome eats....the cereal, the fruit, the Zbar! YUMMMM!

Anonymous said...

cliff zbar + tofu + kiwi = love.

as for the veggie burgers, if your going to get Dr. Praeger's get the cali ones. Personally, I think Amy's All American Burgers are the best ones out there

alicesg said...

Oooo it is really yum yum. Come and support Lara in her fight against theft of photos in blogs.

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Peanut butter Puffins + chocolate chips sound so good! Those Puffins are awesome.

Thank you for your comment on my Kitty post! He's very happy in his new home! :)

Sarah W. said...

i been wanting to try that synergy drink!

Shannon said...

Kiwi is yummy & looks cute too!

Michelle said...

Yum!! That tofu is calling me again! I think I will try it with just the cornstarch because I know I'd love that crunch. You eat so healthy, even if you had something crappy for lunch it all balances out, right? LOL

alicesg said...

Wow the picture if good. A real delight. :)