Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chinese Eats and another Flower

Hello didn't blog a few days miss me? hehehehe

Anyway the other day I had a major craving for chinese gosh I miss my Asian food So I went to get some. I went to this place in Ashand just down the road from me called Yuen Yuens their food is pretty good and they are super friendly lol. The lady who works there remembers every customer's name it is amazing!

beef, brocolli, shrimp and with fried rice as shown below.

I had beef chow fun and so SHAMEEEEE I ate it this dish all myself!!

This is not chinese eat but I got it at Market of Choice and its called Madarin tofu super yummy as usual!

Decided to reward you all with a little flower for looking at my oh not so healthy chinese eats!


soulchocolate said...

I miss eating out, seriously! Chinese food in a restaurant? That's good anyday for me!

Michelle said...

Wow that looks awesome!!