Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Delights

Well not much to blog about today. I went to a spin class came home made breakfast but I forgot to take a picture of it I was so hungry! I made egg beaters with a little bit of ham and green onions along with a piece of sprouted bread.

Lunch was left over barley with chicken.

Ooooooooooh I had burger shots from burger king oh so yummy! I only had 2!

Snacks a small bowl of cheetos I had a craving for this not had it in so long!

I bought this bowl today isn't it cute decided to show you a side view of it. Cost $2

Oh its my major craving day you ladies understand! I got me tiramisu!

Side view of it I didn't eat it all only like a little less than half!
Ate quite a bit of junk but I must say I did it moderately. What do you think.


Anonymous said...

a little bit of snack here and there won't kill you! haha. actually, they're quite necessary in helping you take a relaxed relationship with food, as well as cheering you up with its awesome taste!

Anonymous said...

love costco :)

good for you for giving into your cravings!

Sharon said...

Costco rocks my world.
And I love cheetos, especially the awesome layer of neoness you are left with on the fingers! Cheesy good!