Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Eats from the Weekend and Today!

Hey hey! Well this time I have loaded up all the decent looking pictures that I have taken the last few days.

This was one of my snacks waffles with yummy dark chocolate peanutbutter its so delicious!

Had this yesterday for a snack been snacking quite a bit as you can see I love this yogurt!

My favorite frozen spring rolls I am telling you these are so good and low calorie!

Here it is out of the box cooked I don't use the sauce instead I use my favorite hot sauce!

Here is something new I tried now as you know I love the Eggplant from this particular company BUT I must say this Orange Chicken is extremely uninspirational!

This is how it looked cooked out of the box meh.. It left me wanting to go get some at a chinese resturant you know the ones with zillion of calories.
Oh tomrrow I am going to see another play "Death of a King's Horseman" I am quite looking forward to it and also I am going to a resturant to eat before the play I already plan to have the breakfast they serve there its so good will show you the pics tomrrow!!!!


Sharon said...

Mmmm I want spring rolls, please. ;)

Michelle said...

Oh yum! The waffle actually looks good. I'm not a fan of chocolate on my pancakes or waffles but I might have to try it. I need to get those spring rolls! Can't wait to hear about the play and the food you have!!

Thinspired said...

Those spring rolls look like a great product! Vegetarian AND low-cal?! Awesome :)

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Those eggrolls are low cal & good? I wanna try that dark chocolate dreams. Good idea topping waffles with it.

Shannon said...

spring rolls look soo good, somehow remind me of homemade yummy tacos i been missing, specially with cinco de mayo around the corner, gonna have to go out for some mexican food

Anonymous said...

wallaby yogurt! I can only find those in WF, and I love the different interesting flavors it comes out in!
yuck, nasty orange chicken? eew! why not try making your own without resorting to the unhealthy chinese take-out or microwaveable meals? I'll bet yours will come out tons better!

Ingrid_3Bs said...

Noodlegirl you WON! Congrats! Please email me your address so I can order your books.

Anonymous said...

Dark Chocolate dreams.... what does it taste like? I've never had the opp to try it before..

alicesg said...

Ooo it looked so good and yummy. I hope you have fun at the play.

Neela Marijana said...

sonia love,
i can see you are in desperate need of coming to singapore for a good chinese dim sum lunch no??? with all this asian food going on there. :)
i still haven't found time to choose the bars i wanted but i will let you know very very soon. in the mean time... have you decided what i can give you in return? maybe some yummy that sweet chilli sauce to go along with your spring rolls?
let me know

jDub said...

oh!! i have the same jar of dark chocolate peanut butter. i got it as a gift and i usually just stick a spoon in it and eat it straight out of the jar! haha. but i did put it in a puff pastry and used it as a filling for a quick dark choco peanut butter croissant and it was good!