Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clean Eating

Ok I am not so bitchy anymore lol!

Look what I bought!

Love this magazine it has such simple recipes if you love food magazines you got to get this one!

They have a very easy Black Bean, Avocado & Chicken wrap. I changed my chicken to the Quorn
Chik'let as I was not in the mood for real chicken.
What you need is
- Chicken if you going to use it
- Avocado (smashed)
- Black Beans (lightly mashed)
- Salsa
- Tortilla
mix salsa and avocado together
put the mixture into a tortilla
add the beans then the chicken
You are done!

Here is how it looks wrapped up! It was really delicious! You notice I didn't put any measurements for the ingredients this is because I only made one I was not so hungry and so I just estimated how much I wanted of each and put it together.
What do you think worth trying?


Michelle said...

Look at you all eating healthy girl! I'm trying this! Looks good. I've seen this magazine before. I want to get it!

aTxVegn said...

I love that magazine!