Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Tuesday oh I know this post is so late! I am watching the biggest loser and posting at the same time!

Well I bought this not long ago and I love it! I use it to make grill cheese and sometimes to make eggs you will see how my eggs turn out below. My only complaint is I wish it was a bigger size then again what do I expect it cost only $9.99!

My breakfast! Sprouted bread with jelly, 2 turkey bacon and I had eggbeaters mixed with some cheese! I cooked the eggs with my new little toy! Not too bad huh

I was gonna get chimichanga for lunch instead I got Camarones a la Diabla its really more sauce than anything else. It has shrimp and mushroom cook in this hot sauce along with rice n beans. I had lots of sauce left behind so I am sure my calories didn't kill me. It was good but I must say the one at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Hawaii is still the best HINT HINT I want to eat there again when I go back to Hawaii

I love this Hawaiian Roll it was on sale $1 I got to get it!!!

Oh my new favorite I bought this Toby's Tofu Dip and ooooh delicious I had it with my roll. It is only 40 calories per serving!

Have any of you tried this? This is also another first time try and I love it actually oh gosh it taste like chicken hehehe! I think the calories are a little high it is 200 calories for one piece.

I had one piece with some of my roasted vegetables and some potatoes. I know the potatoes look so dull and uncooked but believe me it was cooked I had it with ketchup
What did you all eat? I know a certain someone is going to make cookies for dinner lol!


Michelle said...

Oh I want to get those Chik'n Cutlets! Man girl you eat well!

Anonymous said...

Mmm...great looking meals. That grill thing looks interesting. I bet you could make lots of yummy things in it. (I'm obsessed with my panini maker ; ) I use it for everything!

Erica said...

Love sammy makers! I haven't started to use ours all the time!! Great shrimp dish. We're having shrimp tonight and I can't wait. Hope you have a good Thursday

Anonymous said...

cool grill machine! it really is only $9.99? where can I find that?
that tofu dip looks really interesting!

Sharon said...

Score on the grill! And I love your breakfast. That's it, I'm coming over! LOL

amna said...

Thanks a ton for your sweet comment :) Btw, that prawn gravy you have up there is absolutely making me drool :D

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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