Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lazy Wednesday

Well not so lazy I just feel so tired from yesterday's work. I hardly did anything today.
I went to the 75 min spin class. It was really hard for me to get up and get out the door today as I was still feeling so tired.

I was glad that I went to class though I was so hungry when I got back home I made this for breakfast/lunch.

Sprouted Bagel one with Rhubarb jelly, the other with avocado. 2 eggs with cheese and tomato's.

I got the Rhubarb jelly at the farmers market its my first time trying it. Its not too bad.

Ahh dinner I made tofu and had it with hoisin sauce. I know this plate doesn't make it look attractive but its my favorite plate right now. I wish tofu was more colorful so do it justice.
Good news I have 5 more lbs to lose to be at my happy weight!


Michelle said...

Yum! I'm lazy and tired too. Will you come be my cook? ;)

Unknown said...

Love the tofu with hoisin :)

Erica said...

75 minute spin? Sounds awesome. Also loving the avocado on the bagel. I need more avocado in my life. Hope you have a nice Thursday

Deb said...

75 mins?? YOU are my HERO! Aww - does the plate remind you of home das why it's your favorite??

5 more lbs. . .way to go! i've got about 8 until my happy weight...and somehow i don't think the upcoming trip to HI is going to help that!! But it'll allllll be worth it;)

Melita said...

i've never done a spin class before but would love to try one out.

we have this rhubarb strawberry preserves that this little old lady makes that i get at our farmer's market and it is to die for!!