Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Simple Comfort Food

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is feeling better than I do. I am still not 100% yet ugh!

Anyway yesterday I made this rice soup for 2 reasons
1 - I needed something simple comforting and not oily
2 - I needed to get rid of my vegetables

so I cooked up some rice ones the rice is almost done I added some corn, green peas, bella mushroom, tomatoe and buk choy. Not much seasoning I just put some soy sauce.

On a lighter note I AM TAN AGAIN YEAH!


alicesg said...

It looked like some kind of porridge. I hope you are better. I am so busy so sorry for not visiting and am not active in my food blog, you can visit my other blog. :)http://alicesg.blogspot.com/
I hope to put more recipes in my food blog as soon as I find the time.

Sharon said...

MMmmm, I love rice like that!!!! TOTALLLY COMFORT FOOD FOR ME TOO!!!!

And ooh tan again?! nice!! I no longer have ghost legs. ;) ahahaha

Michelle said...

This looks comforting. What was the soup part made of?

Anonymous said...

It looks not only comforting but healthy to boot!

Anonymous said...

comfort food indeed! you just mix all those together yet the result looks very good!

dilutedmagnetics said...

That's definitely comfort food :) Oh my, I'm hungry :(