Friday, May 22, 2009


OK this might be disgusting for alot of you but really its super Delicious! When I was first introduced to this sandwich I was like NO WAY GROSS but boy was I wrong oh so yummy!

OK here is what is in this sandwich

-Bread of Your choice
- Spam Lite (70 less calories then the original)
-Peanut Butter on one side of the bread
-Mayo lite on the other bread
- Eggs
- Onions
- Cheese

Normally there is no lettuce or onions but I decided to add it in today. It sounds nasty right but honestly the combination is great.


Michelle said...

You know, I'm gonna try it. I've heard of things that sound gross...and then when I try it I'm like WOW that's narrow-minded of me to have said that! LOL

Marjie said...

Sometimes things look or sound really bad, like my grandmother's peanut butter cheesecake apple crumb dessert (I think that's all that was in it). And I have to defend spam regardless of its bum rap! There has to be a reason it's lasted around 70 years!

Anonymous said...

You might have a good chuckle at me... but I never had spam before .....

What is it?

Sharon said...

Spam! YUM yum! I never thought to put it in a sandwich! Normally it is instant noodles, spam and eggs. :P