Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Hey! Hope all of you are having a good week so far. My weekend has officially started. I don't have much planned probably do some yoga, reading, and maybe watch a movie or two, catch up on blogs and the oh so many magazines I have bought and yet to read. Since moving to Ashland I have seen over 15 movies! Trust me that is alot for me as it is more than I have gone to see in the past 5 years in Hawaii. You can't help it here in Ashland though its CHEAP!

Anyway on to the eats! I have taken quite a few of my breakfast pics for the past few days I been quite the piggy here.

Trader Joes French Toast

It is really good I had it with some syrup.

Need I say more just look at it

Here it is out of the box had it with soy milk. Now I notice the cereal are pretty high in calories at TJ's but they are all good ingredients in my opinion.

Ahhh I made this the other day for breakfast. It is middle eastern flat bread with cheese, avocado and eggs. I stupidly put the avo under the eggs so you can't see it.
Tomorrow I will post on my past few days lunches so I won't overwhelm you with too many pics.


Unknown said...

It all looks so very tasty :)

The Depressed Yogi said...

looooove TJ's!!

i've eaten a bowl of cocoa krispies every day this week. not. good. ingredients.

Melita said...

love pics, the more the better i say. :) i think you are right about some of the healthier cereals, good ingredients sometime make for higher calories (esp the ones with almonds in them - obviously almonds have a lot of calories therefore so will the cereal. makes perfect sense.)

Michelle said...

Everytime I come here I get so hungry!! That french toast and the cereal both look awesome! I will need to go to Trader Joes soon. I love it because it's healthy and so cheap!

Amy J said...

Have never been to Trader Joes. There aren't any in my area. Your posts make me really want to go!!!