Sunday, July 12, 2009


There is this little shop nearby thats called Little Shop of Bagels. Now I have been in Ashland for almost a year and this is my first time venturing there. Boy what a waste of a year I should have gone earlier I love this place. Now the reason why I have not gone there earlier is that I did try 3 times 2x it was too busy and another time it was closed.

Here is their sign isn't it lovely!

Ahhh I got a veggie bagel on sesame bagel. It is packed with tofu pate, sprouts, cucumber, red onion, greens, tomato and tons of avocado!

Here is top view

Here it is opened.

I love my meal so much I went back and got this! It is again sesame bagel with Mexican cheese spread as you can see its loaded with peppers it was quite spicy yummy! I wanted to get the sprouted bagel but they were already out of stock

As you can see this week has been packed with loads of carbs!


Amy J said...

Wow! They both look amazing! Much more enticing than any of the bagel places around here (that i'm aware of).

Hey, have you been to any of the 5 or so vineyards around you? x

amna said...

i love bagels even though they are carbs overload! :)

Cavalock said...

its been a long time since i had a bagel. we don't get that many bagels from this part of the world. :(

Unknown said...

These bagels and toppings look AWESOME :) glad you enjoyed :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this looks fantastic. Yum!
Hope you enjoyed it ; )

Shannon said...

Wow, never thought I'd see non New York bagels and still want one!