Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

I hope all of you are starting your day off well!
As I am trying to clear my food in the house during my last 17 days here, I still need to get some other stuff too! Check it out!

- Chia Powder I normally get the seeds but decided to try the powder. I am going to buy an extra bag to bring home with me!
- Green Iced tea
- Ice Cream
- Baby Buk Choy
- EZ Muffins
- Thai Kitchen Tom Kah Soup (I love it)
- Pomgran Waffles
- Ham for sandwich
- Gold Fish it was too cute to pass off
- Wallaby Yogurt.

Had this for breakfast today I forgot there isn't anymore syrup so this is how I ate it!

One side with one egg and a little cheese! The other with chocolate peanut butter. I think this pomgran waffle will be a regular in my freezer its so good one of the best frozen waffles I ever had! Do you have a favorite waffle brand?


Melita said...

kombucha! i love kombucha!!

Shannon said...

so funny, who ever thought about finishing up your food! never made such a big move before

Deb said...

are you moving back home??? you lucky girl!

chocolate PB....still need to find that! bean's been having nutella on mini-pancakes for most of the summer:) hmm, guess i could always mix my own!

Being Healthier said...

I just found your blog- I love all of your widgets in your sidebar! I have yet to try Kombucha- do you like it?!?!

Anonymous said...

I like the Vans waffles. Haha, for a moment I thought you ate both those waffles TOGETHER! That would be cool though, with the sweet and savory!