Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lucky Food Spring Rolls!

I got this at the supermarket! Yes I knowwwwwww who gets frozen Springrolls! Let me tell you who ME because I am in Ashland Oregon!! Now I have tried a couple of other brands but they are really not worth talking about. HOWEVER! I saw this brand called Lucky Food and decided to just give it a try and BOYYYYY WAS IT DELICIOUS lucky me! It tasted so fresh! I went out and bought 2 more packets! Here is the best part the whole box has 4 pieces and if you eat them all it is only 240 calories ha can't beat that right!


The Blonde Duck said...

That looks great! I'll have to look for it when you get back into town!

Michelle said...

These look good! I like yuor suggestions....I trust them because you love good food. LOL

alicesg said...

I guess it is difficult to get the type of ingredients in Oregon to make spring roll. But hey, sometimes I do buy frozen ready to cook meals too when I am too tired or lazy to prepare for dinner.