Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Blog Plan!

Today I bought my first DVD for 2009 My all time favorite movie Shakespeare in Love! I absolutely love this movie and the costumes!

I am also going to start reading my first book for the year its an old book called The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. I keep seeing this Author's name everywhere I go even at the grocery store so I decided to give her a try and read of onf her "series" book I will keep you updated on how it is.

Now my plan for 2009 for my blog oh my where should I start!
1 - Watch out in Feb. I will be going to Hawaii for a week so I will be blogging from there will lots of food and scenery pictures!
2 - Well I am in Ashland Oregon so watch out I already plan to watch 8 different plays!
3 - I hope to finish knitting my shawl to show it off!
4 - I really hope to blog about more meals that I might make without damage!
5 - Of course more frozen food purchases that I will make and think its good enough for you all to try it out as well!


Michelle said...

I need to come down and checkout some plays too. That book looks quaint. I need to check that one out too!

alicesg said...

Cool, you got a list of new year resolutions. :) Hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii and have lots of photos of the nice places and food.