Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eat and More Eats

Hey all of you so sorry I have not been posting. Believe it or not I have been really busy reading I got a bunch of book from the library and didn't realise that it was due back real soon so I had to read it fast as I won't be able to renew it lol! It was worth it though.

Well I still took pics of all my eats here is some for them for now I will post more later today.

If you have not tired this Kashi dish trust me when I tell you this it is really good!

Here it is out of the oven yes I decided to bake in instead and was so delicious and filling!

Was in the mood for Risotto the other day so I got this yummy pack!

I know this pic doesn't look good but it is really delicious. I had the risotto with a bunch of vegetables that I cooked up

Ohhhhhhhhh TJ's Naan bread is so Delicious!!!!!!! I had the Naan bread with some frozen vegetables and i had laughing cow as well forgot to take a pic of it.

This is the Naan bread.

I am ending this post with a pic of a new cat in the house his name is Buddy and he came all the way from the East Coast! He and Milee have not officially met yet. Buddy is so cute and EATS ALOT! He belongs in Ashland now hope he is enjoying himself.


Melita said...

food looks really delish! and such a cute kitty too!

alicesg said...

Oooo, seems like you love your food. :) I have more yummy and spicy food for you over at my blog. :)

Reeni said...

Your new kitty is so cute!

Anonymous said...

The Naan looks delish!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Oooh, I have to try that Naan bread from TJ's. My girlfriend keeps telling me to and I still haven't yet. What kind of vegetables did you stir fry? Buddy is adorable! I'm dying to know how Milee reacts!

DS said...

YUM! I love Kashi meals! They are so good; I've never tried the veggie bake yet, I'll have to look for it at my store.

Anonymous said...

Your cat is lovely :) There is one like that that tries to follow me home.

I am glad you enjoyed the Pride and Prejudice book, it's brilliant!!!

Plus your food piccies are making my stomach rumble!

Take care


Zoe said...

Thanks for the reviews on TJ's Naan bread and Kashi's lasagna! Ill pick some up this weekend!